Fostercare Opportunities

Say yes, and help save the lives of homeless dogs. Give fostering a try! The lives you save and the love you get will warm your heart. If you have children, the lessons they learn from fostering will enrich their lives! Our simple Foster Program saves lives this way:

Dogs , who may otherwise be destroyed at an over-crowded shelter or are being surrendered by their owners are temporarily placed with you, their Foster Family, until a Forever Family is found. We only ask that you give your foster pet shelter and love. AHDR is only a phone call away for any questions and guidance through your whole foster experience.

Medical expenses are paid by AHDR. Or, if you can help contribute, donations are always appreciated. You can also take your Foster Pet to scheduled Pet Adoption Days, or a volunteer from AHDR can do so. If you can open your heart and your home for a homeless dog and see him through to his new forever home, words could not describe the feeling of satisfaction you will receive. If you cannot foster, thats no problem.

Why do we need foster homes?
Since Almost Home Dogs Rescue of NJ does not have a physical shelter facility, our success depends on a network of foster families who open their hearts and homes to dogs and puppies on a temporary basis until their forever homes are found. There are so many unwanted and abandoned dogs in this world. Healthy and adoptable animals are euthanized each and everyday simply because there is not enough space to house them. Their only crime is being homeless. This is where you come in. AHDR can only help as many animals as we have available foster families to care for them. So it is vital to our success that we continually recruit loving foster families into our program.

What is a foster home?
Foster homes offer a loving and safe home to adult dogs and puppies until they go to their forever homes. All the dogs and puppies are examined by a veterinarian, up to date on all vaccinations and usually altered before or during the stay of being in the foster home. AHDR covers the expense of the medical costs and will provide all supplies needed such as a crate, bowls food etc. We just need the love, time and patience of the foster home to care for our pet until they find their new forever home.

What kind of people foster pets?

Pet foster parents come from all walks of life. The most important qualities we lod for are compassion, patience, flexibility and commitment. A terrific pet foster parent could be someone who loves dogs and has extra room in their home and heart to share with a homeless dog who is waiting for its forever home. Could be someone who is unable to care for a dog of their own at this time, but can help on a temporary basis from time to time. Could also be someone who wants to assess how their own dog will respond to a new friend in their household. This way they may be able to adopt in the future for themselves, saving another life.

How long is my commitment?

Depending on the needs of the dog, your foster care commitment could vary from several days to several weeks or even months. AHDR makes every effort to give you a good estimate of how long your commitment to your foster dog will be.

How to get started fostering today
If you would like to join our team to help homeless and abandoned dogs, simply take a few minutes to fill out our online foster application
Online Foster Application. After receiving your completed foster application, one of our AHDR's volunteers will contact you. For any further information or questions please email us at Thank you in advance for considering to help a homeless dog.